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The Beginning of Motorsports

Motorsports began soon after the introduction of gasoline / petrol fueled internal combustion engines back in the 1980s. The first race took place in 1894. It was a race starting in Paris and ending in Rouen, France. The 80km long race was won at an average speed of 16.4kph. The first real race was held in 1895 with cars racing from Paris to Bordeaux and back. The total distance was 1,178 kilometers and the winner did so with an average speed of 24.15kph. In the United States organized motorsport started in 1895. Racers covered the 87 kilometer from Chicago to Evanston and back. Back then town-to-town races / country to country races were the norm. That is until 1903 when the races at Bordeaux were stopped due to accidents. This gave birth to closed-circuit road races. Today motorsport is practiced throughout the world in a variety of forms on tracks, roads, and closed circuits. Motorbike racing has also become quite popular.





Categories, Classes and Types

If you are interested in motorsports, motorbike racing included, you need to learn about the different categories, classes and types of motorsports. That way you will be able to place a more informed bet in a legal casino. There are so many types of motorsports. They include the following:

  • Autocross
  • Autosolo
  • Autotest
  • Circuit racing
  • Cross country
  • Drag racing
  • Hill climb
  • Karting
  • Navigation rallies
  • Rallycross
  • Stage rallying
  • Sprint
  • Time attack
  • Targa rallying
  • Trials

There are dozens of classes and categories in motorsports too. The categories also vary by country with Australia having the most motorsports categories. As you consider motorbike racing events or betting in an online casino it is imperative that you understand the particulars of the categories, classes and types of sports you are about to bet on. Understand the rules and identify the top participants.

The Ultimate Motorcycling Championships

Motorbike racing is the motorsport of racing motorcycles. There are many varieties here with the main ones being off-road racing and motorcycle road racing. The races can be on open courses or on circuits. Track racing is also quite popular. Other categories include drag racing, land speed record trails and hill climbs. The main categories of motorbike racing in UK and most other parts of the world include road racing, motocross, endure and cross-country, track racing, UK sprinting, drag sprints / racing, land speed racing and super hooligan.

The list is incomplete and there are so many more subcategories to consider. The main subcategories in motorbike racing are motorcycle grand prix, superbike racing, supersport racing, endurance racing, sidecar racing, supermoto, supercross, hare scramble and many more. The more you learn about a category the better results you will get with your casino bonus as you bet online.

The ultimate motorcycling championships events around the world are:

    1. 1. FIM Grand Prix Road Racing World Championship. There are 19 races held in 15 different countries.


    1. 2. World Superbike. This motorbike racing fields 1,000cc four-strokes bikes.


    1. 3. Flat Track Racing. The race has three classes: Singles – 450cc, Twins 900cc and Twins 800cc. if you love to watch motorcycle racing this is not an event you should ignore.


    1. 4. Enduropale Le Touquet. This is the all-time greatest biking events held in France.


  1. 5. Poags Hole hillclimb – New York, US. This is the most exhilarating motorsport out there with bikers going up hills with 75 degree inclination.


There are many events and motorsports games out there. Considering we cannot all participate in them mostly because of the license requirement, skill requirements and competition, the best we can do is make real money as we watch. Sports betting are very popular today and have been made even better by online casino. Betting online on these events enables you to make pain free money. This is all thanks to the free casino bonus. With the no deposit casino bonus you can place free bets and win good money. All you have to do is find a legal casino that features the motorsports you are interested in.

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