Greatest Motorbike Games

Greatest Motorbike Games

December 24, 2019 / 1326 / Blogs
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What are the best motorcycle games for computer and console of the moment? We give you our opinion in this article full of games that will delight fans of motorcycle and speed in general.

If you are “born to be wild”, you are in the right place. Virtually we have put on our best leather jacket and we have tied our headscarves to bring you a special report with the best motorcycle games for PCs and consoles.

Burn wheel, let go of the gas and get ready to enjoy the speed at ground level because then the highway will dominate us with these games that will delight all lovers of two motorized wheels.

MotoGP 18

The official video game of the MotoGP World Championship could not be skipped from the best motorcycle games. In MotoGP 18, we have the option of ascending from the lower categories to MotoGP and of becoming two-wheel legends.

In addition, we can also have fun with Manager Mode or compete online against other players. In our MotoGP 18 analysis, you will find more details about everything that this motorcycle driving simulator includes.


Also developed by Milestone, we are facing the official video game of the Motocross World Championship. Among its main virtues is its difficulty of handling compared to MotoGP, which makes it a challenge for less expert players.

MXGP Pro has all the official drivers of the championship and all the circuits are, in addition to different possibilities of creating your own motorcycle and racing clothes. Without a doubt, one of the best motorcycle games for PC, PS4 and Xbox One at the moment.

Ride 2

Another title developed by Milestone, authentic experts in driving games. Ride 2 is a motorcycle video game with multiple customization options. It has 30 circuits and 15 game modes, including a local multiplayer for two split-screen players.

In addition, it includes Supermotos, a category that was missing in the first installment and that Milestone decided to include after numerous requests from fans. If you want to go deeper, you can read our analysis of Ride 2.

Road Rage

Do you remember Road Rash, the 1991 classic in which we played motorcycle races with weapons such as chains or sticks? Well, we could say that Road Rage is your spiritual successor.

In this motorcycle game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One we have to become the most feared biker of Ashen, a city besieged by biker bands and where the police put all the means to stop a scourge of which we are part. A title full of speed and violence that will delight the toughest bikers of the place.

Trials Fusion

Instead of simulation game or, in other words, with a more faithful and realistic recreation of the world of motorcycles, Ubisoft offers us a more arcade and casual game.

This is Trials Fusion, a game for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC that has a focus on physics and has simple controls that will delight players looking for an arcade alternative in the Motorcycle games.

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