Different Types

Different Types

August 2, 2019 / 1145 / Blogs
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In motorcycling, as in other sports, there are different variations. In the case of football, there are different variants: soccer 11, soccer 7, futsal, beach soccer … If we talk about Motorcycling, we could say that it is one of the sports with more different variations, where you compete with different types of motorcycles. We will explain them to you below.


Ridden on circuits with paved roads, it is the most famous type in motorcycling. A race of this type consists of completing the number of laps in the circuit as quickly as possible. Normally, before the race, there is some training. There are free and official training, in which the pilots try to go around the circuit as quickly as possible, which will determine their position on the starting grid of the race.

There are different categories depending on the age, type and components of the motorcycle. We can distinguish between prototype bikes, developed specifically for the competition, or series sports models, modified to increase their performance:

  • MotoGP: is the Queen of the Grand Prix category. Prototype motorcycles, 1,000cc with a four-stroke engine.
  • Moto2: 600cc prototype motorcycles with a four-stroke engine.
  • Moto3: 250cc prototype motorcycles with a four-stroke engine. Minimum age to participate 16 years, or be a winner of the FIM CEV. Maximum age 28 years.
  • Superbikes: standard, 900cc, 1,000cc, and 1,200cc bikes depending on the cylinders, with a four-stroke engine.
  • Supersport: standard, 600cc and 750cc motorcycles depending on the cylinders, with a four-stroke engine.
  • Superstock: standard bikes, 600cc and 1,000cc categories that serve as a springboard for the Superbike Championship. Minimum age 16 years and maximum of 28 years.


It is a Rally competition that is practiced in the open and covered tracks. It runs under previously established routes, where the pilot who performs it in the shortest possible time is proclaimed champion. In the open field, the sections are usually between trees, rivers and rocks, which makes these tests of high hardness. The resistance of the rider takes an important role as well as his ability on the motorcycle. There are several categories depending on the displacement and the type of engine:

  • Enduro 1: 2-stroke motorcycles up to 125 cc and 4-stroke motorcycles up to 250 cc.
  • Enduro 2: 2-stroke motorcycles up to 250 cc and 4-stroke up to 450 cc.
  • Enduro 3: 2-stroke motorcycles of more than 250 cc and 4-stroke of more than 450 cc.


It is a type of race that is carried out on closed circuits of land, where jumps and curves predominate in which the pilots test their physical state and that of the motorcycle. Combine the speed with the skills necessary to control the bike over the irregularities of the terrain. Competitions are usually done for batches of a certain duration that are usually 30 or 20 minutes plus 2 laps, in which the driver who first completes them is the one who becomes the winner. This duration is usually shorter for pilots of lower categories.


It is also a discipline derived from Motocross. The pilots perform jumps on ramps, impressing judges and public with tricks or stunts in the air. They can reach more than 10 meters high and long distances in their jumps, which makes this one of the most risky sports in the world.

The motorcycles are like those of Motocross, although with some modifications in the suspension and structure of the motorcycle, where the rider must grab during the trick in the air so as not to let go of the motorcycle.

The most famous tricks are: 360 °, Backflip and Double Backflip, Superman, Suicide Surfer, Bikeflip, Tsunami among others.

The most famous Championships of this modality are the X Games and the Red Bull X-Fighters, although there are also national and even regional championships.

Raid rally

It is a discipline in which pilots must travel from one town to another generally, without signs that indicate the route where they have to go. The tests are usually performed on dunes and steppes, where orientation takes a crucial role in the results of the race. Each motorcycle is equipped with a satellite navigation system, a few years ago they had to settle for maps and compass.

Most popular races In this variation are the World Cross-Country Rally and the Dakar Rally, although it is currently held in South America. The difference between these two is that in the first one a test is carried out in March, April, 2 in August and one in October. On the other hand, in the Dakar Rally, 14 tests are carried out in 15 days in a row in January.


It is a fusion between speed motorcycling and motocross. The races are held in circuits with 70% asphalt and 30% dirt, in addition to some small jump. The motorcycles used are motocross but with asphalt wheels, in addition to some modifications, especially in the suspension and brakes. The riders wear leather jumpsuits as in speed motorcycling, but with boots and motocross helmet. There are the world, national and regional championships.


This variation consists mainly of overcoming different obstacles within a circuit or delimited route. The pilot has to make the route without putting his foot on the ground and without touching the obstacles with any part of his body, if he does so, he will have a negative point that will penalize him in the final result. In these tests, the rider tests his balance and agility of movement on the bike.

The bikes are characterized by being lightweight, without a seat and with shorter gears, which will give you more strength to propel and climb obstacles easily. Another feature is the pressure of their wheels; they carry a pressure below the usual that allows greater adhesion and the suspension travel is also smaller.

The championships are played in natural areas or in enclosures enabled for the practice of this (Indoor Trial). There is a trial world both Indoor and in the open area, where the Spanish Toni Bou has been champion since 2007 in both variations.


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