Chrissy Rouse takes the win at Brands Hatch

Chrissy Rouse takes the win at Brands Hatch

July 21, 2013 / 1066 / News
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Chrissy Rouse takes home another win on the second Triumph Triple Challenge race of the weekend. The young star from Newcastle-upon-Tyne furthers his championship lead after an excellent race from all on the Brands Hatch GP circuit.

Dan Helyer started on pole followed by Rouse, with Scott Pitchers and Aleix Aulestia completing the front row. Helyer got off the line with a good start, keeping ahead for the first lap. During lap one both Gavin Little and Andrew Lund, the new starter this weekend, went down leaving some debris on the track which meant the safety car had to come out for two laps. Aulestia took advantage of everyone being bunched up and managed to blast his way past Helyer on the pit straight, cutting it very close to being penalized for passing whilst is was still a safety car lap.

By the end of lap five the Spaniard still held his lead followed by Helyer, with Rouse in third and Charlie King in fourth and a real battle was breaking out. This was not the only fight going on though, behind the front runners Michael Corbino and Phil Atkinson were both challenging for fifth.

During the fifth lap Aulestia made a mistake that costs him the win, Rouse jumped in to the lead followed by King in to second. At the end of the seventh lap the Geordie boy was developing quite a large lead after the three riders behind got caught up in their own fight. On the eighth lap Helyer was right on King’s tail but it was Aulestia who managed to squeeze through in to third.

In the final lap King was putting in some very fast times and beginning to catch Rouse. Then, out of nowhere, a really gutsy move from Aulestia just pushes himself in to second past King as Rouse went on to take the win. King was the winner in the Cup class though, followed by Helyer and Luke Shelley third

We spoke to winner Rouse after the race:

“Yesterday was the first time I’ve finished a race that I haven’t won since Brands, that fired me up and I was really hungry for the win on this one. I just felt really comfortable on the bike, managed to get in to the lead and just put some fast laps together nice and consistent and very, very pleased with the win”

After we asked him what he thought about racing on the GP circuit he had this to say:

“I have always loved the GP circuit, it’s a proper track, some of my favourite corners in the whole country. Out the back you have got the fast right and the straight, you get the G forces on your shoulders going up through there then you have got a lot of blind corners it’s just really exciting and keeps you on your toes. I just love it!”

Afterwards we spoke to race one winner Charlie King about the race, even after just being beaten to second by Aleix:
“Another top three is exactly what we wanted, brilliant points again and to be challenging Chrissy and Aleix! We are now second overall and leading the cup exactly where we want to be.  Just moving on to Cadwell now, I like the track so I’m confident and we can try and string another win together!”King was extremely happy and very optimistic about the next meeting and it would be safe to assume we are going to be seeing some very exciting racing especially from the top three at Cadwell! For more information about the Triumph Triple Challenge visit our website, follow us on twitter @TriumphTC or like us on facebook (

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