Chrissy Rouse and Aleix Aulestia prove their racing talent at Snetterton

Chrissy Rouse and Aleix Aulestia prove their racing talent at Snetterton

July 9, 2013 / 936 / News
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In the second of two Triumph Triple Challenge races at Snetterton on Saturday there was a gap of only three hours between the end of one and the start of the next. After a number of crashes and retirements in the first race it was questionable whether all of them would make it back on track in the time. Adrenaline was still running high and they luckily all riders started the race.

Aleix Aulestia had ridden a fantastic race from 11th to second in race one but was gifted the win from Chrissy Rouse, who was almost ten seconds ahead, when he ran out of fuel on the last lap. Race two became a showdown between the Spaniard and the Geordie who had both demonstrated they were the strongest riders on track.

Early on in the race, local boy from Great Yarmouth, Charlie King was dominant and took the lead. It was a another slow start for Rouse as both King and Dan Helyer got a better drive off the line than him.

Rouse demonstrated that he was the strongest rider on track by swiftly taking the position back from Helyer and chased down King to take the lead again on lap three.

It was on lap four that Aulestia began to shine, he overtook King and started to chase down the race leader. By lap five he was so close behind Rouse and pushing hard.

Rouse spoke to us after the race and said: “I was having to push hard to get away from him, when I looked behind on the last lap he was so close still. I was gutted to stop in the first race obviously but it was so much easier than that one!”

It was on lap nine that Aulestia managed to catch out Rouse and take the lead. It seemed possible he would take the win in both races of the day but he went wide and Rouse retook the lead.

The Spaniard was pushing hard and made another attempt but was unsuccessful. It was just after this that it would prove evident that he was pushing a bit too hard and had a massive tank slapper. He was thrown forward over into the screen, smashing it and cutting his neck in the process. It looked like he would lose it and his race would be over on the start-finish straight but managed to save it, losing only one place to Helyer and still finishing on the podium!

Aulestia commented after: “I really didn’t think I was going to be able to keep going, when that happened I thought it was all over!”

The final result was Rouse, Aulestia and Helyer. Heyler commented:

“I really enjoyed that race after not being able to finish the first, tomorrow I’m going for the win though.”

In the Cup class King took the win followed by Jesse Jones and Scott Pitchers. King was disappointed but pleased to be on the podium again:

“That race was about points consolidation really after coming off in race one but there are a lot of people coming to see me tomorrow so hopefully it goes well.”

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