Technical Regulations

2014 Tristar R&G Triple Challenge

The Championships will be open to any rider holding a current ACU Clubman license or above at the start of the season. The championship is also open to 16 year old National ACU license holders.

Bikes may be entered into other championships at other ACU affiliated clubs. Those riders with a dealer or loan bike must seek written permission from T3 before using the bike for any activity other than Official championship practice or Race Days

Everything that is not authorised or prescribed in these regulations is strictly forbidden.


All motorcycles must comply in every respect with all the requirements for Road Racing as specified within these regulations and the current ACU standing regulations.

The starting point for all motorcycles competing in the 2014 Triumph Triple Challenge is a 2009-2014 model standard road-going Triumph Daytona 675/R (The Standard).

The following items will be removed from The Standard. The outcome (which you will receive) will be a Stripped Standard.
[1] All bodywork (cockpit, seat unit, mud guard, fairing and all associated in-fills and bracing parts)
[2] Front light cluster
[3] Rear light cluster
[4] Turn signal indicators
[5] Rear view mirrors
[6] Horn
[7] License plate holder and light
[8] Passenger foot rests, rider foot rests, gear lever, rear brake lever
[9] Side stand
[10] Tool kit
[11] Passenger seat/Rider seat
[12] Front brake lines
[13] Exhaust end can and associated body work and heat shielding.
[14] Chain Guard.
[15] Hugger.
[16] Screen.

You may remove and replace the following parts from The Standard but you are not required to do so.
[1] The steering damper.
[2] Handlebars.
[3] Handlebar grips
[4] Front sprocket.
[5] Rear sprocket.
[6] ABS.  The complete ABS system may be removed at your discretion.  You may then use the standard TTC issued brake lines.
[7] Front light switch cluster (mounted on LH handle bar). However if you do so then you will need to carry out a wiring modification (otherwise the bike will experience a loss of power). Please obtain advice on modification from T3 Racing.
[8] Cooling Fan.

You must fix the following parts to the Stripped Standard. All parts to be fixed to the Stripped Standard must be supplied by T3 Racing. * Supplied as part of TTC package.
[1] Adjustable rearsets.*
[2] Race exhaust end can*
[3] Race bodywork* (initial set only supplied), Supplied in unpolished white.  Paint work design is the rider’s choice in 2014 with the exception of the belly pan which must be in black or white.  Only series sponsor decals are allowed in the belly pan area. Ensure painted body work allows for the supplied number boards. All bodywork is to be purchased via T3 racing for purposes of continuity.  Please note that belly pan number boards must be fixed as per Schedule One.
[4] Front brake lines*.
[5] R&G Protective cover for crank cover.*
[6] R&G Protective cover for generator cover.*
[7] R&G Protective cover for timing cover.*
[8] R7G Chain guard (shark fin).*
[9] Double Bubble clear screen.*
[10] 16T front sprocket.*
[11] 45T, 46T, 47T, 48T, 49T rear sprocket.*
[12] Explosive safe (fuel tank).  You must source this from a third party.
[13] Triumph/R&G Paddock stand bobbins.*
[14] Rain Light.
[15] Brake Lever Guard
[16] Series Logos

You may fix the following parts to the Stripped Standard but you are not required to do so. All parts to be fixed to the Stripped Standard must be supplied by T3 Racing.
[1] Steering Damper. (Those returning to the series may use their current damper unit).
[2] Aftermarket clip on handlebars.
[3] Aftermarket handlebar grips.
[4] Steering limiter.
[5] Different weight fork springs.
[6] Different weight rear shock absorber spring.
[7] Quick action throttle. This must be the standard 1050 unit.
[8] After market crash bobbin set.
[9] Keyless fuel cap.
[10] HM/T3 Racing plug and play dash.
[11] R&G Crash Protection


Please note that only two suppliers are authorised to enter your suspension, these are Andy White at Kais or Perry Leask at HM Racing.  Only these two suppliers will have the replacement security seals that will be affixed to both of your fork tops.  You are able to make any external adjustments without disturbing this seal, it will only highlight if the suspension has been opened by an unauthorised person.  If this happens please let us know so we can make an arrangement to have the forks stripped and checked, this will be at your cost.

[1] Fuel – MSVR events will require the use of a control fuel which must be ordered from them prior to the event.  Information regarding this can be found on the MSVR web site.
[2] Engine oil — Purchased from T3 Racing.
[3] Brake fluid — 5.1 purchased from T3 Racing.
[4] Fork oil — 5wt-7.5wt or 10wt purchased from T3 Racing.
[5] Oil filter — only Triumph OE oil filters purchased from T3 Racing may be used.
[6] Engine gaskets — only Triumph OE engine gaskets purchased from T3 Racing may be used.
[7] Bodywork fasteners — rider’s choice of bodywork fasteners and where purchased.
[8] Air filter — only Triumph OE air filters purchased from T3 Racing may be used.
[9] Spark plugs — only Triumph OE spark plugs purchased from T3 Racing may be used.
[10] Brake pads – only OE brake pads purchased from T3 Racing may be used.

ECU Tune
Only the following T3 tunes maybe used:
T3 20280 on all bikes from Vin No 381275 to 564947.  T3 20281 will be applicable to all bikes from Vin No 564948.
Any interference with the series tune will result in instant disqualification.



Pirelli tyres are to be used during Championship race event and the compounds will be set at SC2 Front and SC2 Rear.  Only 120 and 180 sizes maybe used. A maximum of two front tyres and two rear tyres per meeting may be used. (Two rear tyres and one front will be issued as part of your fee, one additional front maybe purchased per round).
Wet tyres may be used when the race is declared wet by the COC and maybe purchased from Complog at the applicable event. Riders will be issued with tyre control numbers for their dry tyres (different control numbers will be issued for different rounds). Riders must ensure that these tyre control numbers are fixed to the tyres for all qualifying and race sessions. Failure to do so will result in your track time being suspended.

Tyre control numbers are to be fitted to the right hand side of tyre walls as you sit on the bike.

Riders are advised to fix tyre control numbers to tyres before the tyre is fitted to the wheel since tyre soap reduces the adhesion of the sticker to the tyre. Riders are advised to thoroughly clean the area of the tyre that stickers are to be fixed to.


Minimum Weight
In the final inspection at the end of a race or qualifying session bike weights should be a minimum of 161Kg for Vin No’s 381275 onwards (to include the weight of all fluids in the bike).  No tolerance will be given on this weight.  The established weight limit must be met in the condition that the bike finished the track session. Nothing can be added or removed from the machine.

Race Numbers (To be supplied by T3 Racing)

TTC Cup Riders

Numbers: Blue 5010

Background: Yellow 1003


Main Championship Riders
Numbers: Blue 5010

Background: White 9010

Number dimensions are as follows:
As supplied by T3 Racing

Number Board Dimensions

Front – As supplied by T3 Racing*
Side – As supplied by T3 Racing


Racing numbers must be affixed to the front Screen area and the two sides of the motorcycle so that both front and side numbers are clearly visible to the spectators and officials ON BOTH SIDES OF THE TRACK. The front numbers are to be fixed to the bottom of the screen. (The white or yellow background area of the screen is to have a min height of 200mm, see picture). The rear numbers are to be fixed to each side of the belly pan. (See Schedule One.

The appearance of the front, rear and the profile of the motorcycles must conform to the T3′s homologated shape. All fairings must be purchased from T3 Racing. (Except when used outside of the Championship).

[1] You may fix a cable tie or similar item to the fork leg in order to ascertain the amount of travel used on the fork.
[2] You may fix a cable tie or similar item to the rear shock absorber in order to ascertain the amount of travel used on the shock absorber.
[3] All bikes must display a vehicle identification number on the frame as it was produced by the manufacturer, if no VIN No is available proof of origination must be supplied and entry is at the discretion of the series organiser.
[4] All bikes must display the engine number as it was produced by the manufacturer.
[5] Wheel balance weights may be added to or discarded from the wheels.
[6] Engine kill switch must be functioning correctly.
[7] The oil filter must be jubilee clipped and wired.
[8] All external screws and bolts that enter an oil cavity must be wired. For example the oil filler cap, the oil dip stick, the sump plug.
[9] The oil breather line must be connected and discharge into the air box.
[10] All security tabs and locks must be in place.
[11] No modifications are allowed to the engine unless prescribed in the above regulations.
[12] Oil levels/air gaps may be changed in the front forks only.
[13] Engine seals will be fitted to the generator, front suspension and rocker cover of the bike, each seal is numbered and must not be removed or tampered with without prior permission from T3. Any engine work requiring the removal of these seals must be carried out at the T3 workshops.

All parts and consumables must be purchased from T3 Racing, if you unsure please call for clarification.

Please note that for presentation purposes your bikes must be kept in good condition, motorcycles which do not reach the required standard will be excluded from the meeting until the necessary repairs have been made.

Spare bikes are not permitted in the series. No rider may qualify or race another rider’s bike in the series without the express permission of the series organiser.

All elements of the regulations above, BSB/MSVR regulations and ACU regulations can be tested at any time during race meetings by T3/MSVR officials or their nominated experts. It is the rider’s responsibility to know all regulations and ensure that the bike meets those regulations. Riders should also be aware of the correct process to be used in parc ferme and when and how to make a protest. T3 Racing has no jurisdiction to intervene on behalf of a rider who has infringed the regulations or a rider who wishes to make a protest or a rider whom a protest has been made against.

Dyno sheets will not be made available to riders. They are solely for the use of T3/MSVR officials and their nominated experts in order to ensure that no rider infringes The Regulations.

These regulations are unambiguous. Unless specifically mentioned above riders and their teams may not add to, remove from or modify in any way The Standard. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that they and their teams adhere to these regulations completely. Failure to do so will incur penalties. Penalties will be determined by The BSB Race Director. The Race Director’s decision is final.

When required by T3 Racing you must submit your bike for inspection. This inspection may take place with the assistance of the scrutineers at the respective meeting; it may also take place at T3 premises in which case you will be notified when your machine will be ready for collection.

Entry Rules

Championship: Two classes will be operated within the same race. The main championship and The Cup.
Main Championship riders will use white number boards, Cup riders will use yellow.

Entry Criteria for Cup Riders

(1) You will have not scored more than 5 points in any British Championship class in any given season (including sub classes).

(2) You will have not finished in the top three of any previous BSB support class (including sub classes).

(3) You will have not finished in the top three of the premier class of the TTC in any given season.

(4) You will have not finished in the top 10 of any National class outside of The UK.

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